Course Overview

TLR stands for  Transferring Lifting Repositioning and is designed to assist workers with identifying and managing/eliminating risks associated with assisting clients with mobility and moving general objects. TLR includes a thorough assessment process of self, environment/equipment, and client/object.  TLR is developed to assist organizations with meeting the minimum requirements of Saskatchewan’s Occupational Health and Safety Legislation related to safe client handling and musculoskeletal injuries. 

TLR’s core concept is: minimal amount of manual effort with the maximum use of equipment. 

The goals of the TLR program include: 

  • Improve how employees prepare for and accomplish their work 
  • Decrease the frequency of lost time related to musculoskeletal injuries 
  • Reduce the severity of lost time related to musculoskeletal injuries 
  • To meet the requirements of applicable Occupational Health and Safety Legislation 


Participants will receive a Transferring Lifting Repositioning (TLR®) © Certificate Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health (SASWH) upon successfully completing the course.

Course curriculum

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